Monthly Khatm-e-Khwaajgaan Wird – IECRC Sacramento

The IECRC holds a Commemoration of the Great Wali (Saint) of Hind (India), Hazrat Khawaja Muniuddin Chishti (may God shower His Mercy on his soul) each month on or around the 6th of the Lunar Calendar and annually on a larger scale.  During this event , the khatm-ul-khwaajgaan (a dhikr wird as perfomed my great awliya over the years in group) will be recited along with recitation of Naat and a talk. If you are joining in on-line, you can click one of the links below to get the text.

It is the great Blessing and Mercy of our Magnanimous Creator, Allah Almighty, that He has chosen from amongst His creation, pure and pious personalities to guide humanity. After the Seal of Prophethood, the Beloved, Holy Prophet Muhammad (may the prayers and peace of Allah Almighty be upon Him, His Blessed Family and Noble Companions) this task was given in the custody of the great Saints of the Islamic tradition – the Awliya Kiram, may Allah be well pleased with them all. One of the shining luminaries in this constellation of Saints is the great Sultanul-Hind Hazrat Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan Chishti Sanjari Ajmeri famous as Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz (may Allah have mercy on him). Khawaja is a Persian word which means Master or Teacher.

The event is held monthly live via Internet or you may attend the event in person at the following locations:


Text of Khatm Khawaajgaan:     [ khatm_khwajgaan ]   [ English/Roman transliteration ]

IECRC Center
9647 Gerber Rd, Sacramento, CA 95829

Time 6pm-Maghrib (PST – California Time)

Insha-Allah dinner (Langar-e-Qadriyyah) will be served after the event.

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Schedule for the remainder of the year 1431 Hijri and 2009/2010 CE
Jamad-ul-Awwal April 24 (Sat)
Jamad-uth-Thani May 22 (Sat)
Rajab  June 19 (Sat) – Grand Event
Sha’ban July 17 (Sat)
Ramadan August 14 (Sat)
Shawwal September 11 (Sat)
Dhul Qa’da October 9 (Sat)
Dhul Hijja November 6 (Sat)