Qirat/Hamd/Naat Competition – Sacramento 11/14 2010

Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

You are invited to our first Quran Qirat/Hamd/Naat competition to take place in IECRC Sacramento, California.

Date: November 14, 2010  
Time: 4:30pm-8:30pm
Location: 9647 Gerber Rd, Sacramento, CA 95829

Inviting guests and candidates for the following categories:

– Best Qirat
– Best Tajweed
– Best Hamd recitation (poetry praising Allah, Most High)
– Best Na’at (poetry praising the Prophet, peace be upon him)

Competitor Ages 6-17

Cash prizes for the winners.

Dinner will be served.

Call 916-669-8809 for reservation of tickets. Availability is limited.

The event is also a fundraiser to benefit the IECRC Academy.

Tickets for the event is $15 for 14 and up. The tickets are solely for the gifts and prizes for the winners and judges.

To register on facebook, visit:


The IECRC Academy can be found here:
On Facebook:

Remembrance of the Friends of Allah – Monthly SF Bay Area 2010

This is a spiritual gathering conducted on 11th of every Islamic month in honor of Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah be well pleased with him) commemorating his Urs Mubarak i.e. the day his blessed soul passed on to the Divine Presence.


(Actual dates are based on moon sighting)


For more information please contact Ayyaz Yousaf Qadri   @ 510-475-7867


Please note that the schedule is for the IECRC Women’s Gatherings.

Tentative Schedule


Hijri 1431                              Georgian 2010


Muharram 11th December 28th    (Monday)
Safar 11th January 26th (Tuesday)
Rabi’ul Awwal 11th February 25th (Thursday)
Rabi’ul Thani 11th March 26th, (Friday)
Jamad ul-Awwal 11th April 25th (Sunday)
Jamad uth-Thani 11th May 25th (Tuesday)
Rajab 11th June 24rd (Wednesday)
Sha’ban 11th July 22rd (Thursday)
Ramadan 11th August 21  (Saturday)
Shawwal 11th September 19th (Sunday)
Dhul Qa’dah 11th October 18th (Monday)
Dhul Hijjah 11th November 17th (Wednesday)

Sufiana Kalam Mehfil April 25, 2010

Sufiana Kalam Mehfil With Special Reciters For Sisters

Sunday, April 25th, 2010 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
(Please be on time)

Shan Restaurant
5720 Mowry School Rd
(between Balentine Dr & Cedar Blvd )
Newark, CA 94560

  • Ladies Event Only
  • Dinner will be served
  • No Babysitting

For more information or to participate, please call
408-833-5092, 510-732-6786, or 925-301-6087.

IECRC Giyarhween Shareef – March 26-27 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Rabi-uth-Thani is the month of Syedina Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani radiAllahu anhu.  IECRC will be holding a special Giyarhween Shareef Mahafil in Surrey,BC (Canada), Bay Area and Sacramento, CA (USA).

Bay Area Friday 26 March, 2010
Please invite your family and friends for this special blessed event – inshaAllah it will be Friday evening at 7:00 PM at Mehran Restaurant in Newark, CA.

If you would like to participate with a Naat Shareef or Manqabat, kindly let us know in advance. Children are especially encouraged to participate. If you would like to contribute to the event, please let us know. 

Sacramento Saturday 27 March, 2010
Dhuhr – Asr (2pm to 5pm): Women’s Only Naat/Manqibat program AND
Asr-Maghrib (5pm-Maghrib): Open to all
Location: 9647 Gerber Rd., Sacramento, CA 95693
Contact: 916-669-8809 or email info@iecrcna.org
This is a very special gathering, please make sure to invite your family and friends -IECRC Staff
Connect live to this event: http://my.dimdim.com/sharaaz2001/

For more details on Giyarhween, please visit:

IECRC Milad Shareef Program – Fremont

Fremont IECRC Center – 35428 Niles Blvd., Fremont CA 94536

We will start the program at 5:00 pm inshaAllah with Men’s and Women’s Giyarweenh Shareef and continue after Maghrib Prayer with Naat Shareef and Manqabat. All are welcome to recite Naat and children are especially encouraged to prepare Quran Shareef, Hadith Shareef, Naat Shareef, Manqabat, or an Event regarding Nabi-e-Kareem Salallahu Alaihi Wassalam. Please let us know the names of the presenters beforehand if possible, but all are welcome to present.

At 3:00 AM, inshaAllah we will gather at the center for the Milad Shareef program with Naat Shareef, Speech from our Murshid Pak Professor Dr. Muhammed Ahmed Qadri, and Salam at the time of Fajr. Sehri will be served and the program will be connected via phone to the Sacramento Center.

Satuday, Feb 27th, we will start the Zikr with Maghrib Prayer and Iftar, and continue the Zikr program.

5th Annual Conference – Interfaith Communication: A Bridge among Nations – 6th March 2010

The Islamic Educational & Cultural Research Center (IECRC) and The Canadian Women Center cordially invite you to celebrate the birth & life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings upon him & his family) at the

5th Annual Conference – Interfaith Communication:A Bridge among Nations

A family event on 6th March 2010, at 2:00 pm

For further information please contact:
Prof. Dr. M. Ahmed Qadri:
778-241-2371 / Dr. Syeda Saiqa: 604-594-4929
Muhammad Iqbal: 604-505-5700 / Asif Bajwa: 604-507-1815
Sohail Rana: 604-787-3122 / Nasar Khan: 604-551-5426


Unit # 202, 12888 80 Avenue, York Conference Center, Surrey, BC

Entrance is free and dinner will be served!!!

IECRC Milad Program- 26th & 27th February 2010 (Sacramento)

The term Maulud, Maulid, Milad Shareef refers to the celebration of the noble birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him, b. 570 CE) as the Light of Guidance for humanity in general and Muslims in particular.  Traditionally, Muslims always celebrated this day and the night before by remembering the life, events, character, and arrival of the Beloved of Allah, by keeping vigil, singing and reciting qasa’id/Naat (poems describing the attributes of the Holy Prophet sallallahu alayhe wasallam), ushering in the dawn, and fasting the day of his birth.  Homes and Masajid were decorated to express happiness.

Join us in celebrating the Blessed Birth (Maulud) of the Beloved Prophet (sallallahu alyhe wasallam) on the following two days:

Friday February 26 (11th Rabi ul-Awwal – Eve of 12th Rabi ul-Awwal)

  • Salaat ul-Maghrib
  • Maulud Program
    You may join this session via Internet Live (connect to http://my.dimdim.com/sharaaz2001/)Children’s Program
    – Youth Presentations (English)
    – Scholarly Speeches (Urdu & English)
    Naat/Qasaid Recitations  
  • Fatiha, Salam, Dua
  • Dinner/Langar
  • Salaat ul-Isha BREAK
  • 3am-Sahr – Recitations and oration of Naats (Qasaid) – You may join this session via Internet Live (connect to http://my.dimdim.com/sharaaz2001/). Speaker will be the respected Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Qadri who will address the audience live from Canada.
  • Suhur (We will be fasting in thanks for the Ni’ma that Allah Subhan Wa Ta’aala granted us in the form of guidance and the blessing of the Beloved Prophet sallallahu alyhe wasallam
  • Salat ul-Fajr

Saturday February 27 (12th Rabi ul-Awwal)

  • Asr Salaat
  • 4:15pm thru Maghrib Salaat
    – Recitation of the entire Burdah Shareef in a group with Daff.
    – You may join this session via Internet Live (connect to http://my.dimdim.com/sharaaz2001/)
  • Fatiha, Salam, Dua
  • Salaat ul-Maghrib
  • Iftar/Langar


IECRC Center (Sacramento)
9647 Gerber Road
Sacramento, CA 95829
(Main cross street is Bradshaw)

Important: Please carpool as parking is limited.

Partaking in this event, organizing it, contributing funds to the organization of it are all a means of blessings and an honor.  To be part of this, call Sharaaz Khan Qadri or Fatima Sharaaz at 916-669-8809 or 916-473-3343 or Bushra Shaanawaaz Qadri at 916-689-5235 to be part of this or email us at sharaaz2001@yahoo.com.

To contribute to this event via Paypal, please send funds to sacramento@iecrcna.org. Please mention “Maulud Fund” (if possible).

Also visit www.iecrcna.org for other details.